Monday, October 17, 2016

Math Team Challenge #2

Math Team Challenge #2 10/17/16

  1. John took a picture to a copy machine and had a copy made, not realizing that someone had left the machine set for a reduction to 80 percent of the original size.  What percent setting will John have to use on the copy machine to obtain from his reduced copy a picture with the original dimensions?

  1. Mr. Corey is wrapping a gift for Mr. Warshaw.  He wants to cover the 8 inch x 10 inch x 5 inch box with wrapping paper.   How many square inches of of paper will he need if the paper fits perfectly over the box?  How much ribbon will he need if the bow itself adds 15 inches?  

  1. At this time of year many postal workers have to work overtime, so a supervisor at one large post office planned a late-night snack for the employees.  She ordered 1 extra-large pizza for every two workers, 1 large bag of potato chips for every 3 workers and 1 two-liter bottle of cola for every four workers.  When the order arrived, 26 items were delivered.  How many employees were working that evening?

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